The Grand Ballroom 


The Majestic Grand Ballroom is truly a magnificent venue, perfect for a wide array of events. Its spaciousness (2500 square feet), elegant marble floors, and towering ceilings ( 32 feet) provide a grand atmosphere that can accommodate gatherings of all types and sizes. The centerpiece floor-to-ceiling sculpture and fireplace add a touch of sophistication and warmth to the room, making it an ideal setting for weddings, corporate events, or any special occasion. The floor-to-ceiling  Romanesque pillars in each corner add an even more formal touch to the room.

The versatility of the Grand Ballroom is impressive, with the capability to transform from hosting a dinner for 200,  a conference center, a full-size boxing ring or  serving as an aerial training center, showcasing its adaptability to various event needs. The addition of two balconies further enhances the charm and functionality of the ballroom, providing additional space for guests to enjoy the festivities from different vantage points.

Moreover, the multiple lighting effects offer endless possibilities for creating the desired ambiance, whether it be an intimate affair or a lively celebration. Overall, the Majestic Grand Ballroom seems like a dream venue, capable of fulfilling the vision for any event with ease and elegance. The dining room which opens into the Grand Ballroom is the perfect area to set up a buffet, dessert station and/or bar. 

The view of the  Fountain the grounds, and the golf course,  and the ability to use them, complete the venue as a remarkable and outstanding venue for any function you may have in mind. 

grand ball room 8625 LAKERIDGE